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Business moves fast: but keeping up means acting smarter not faster

Moser’s Business Services experts have the knowledge, certifications and experience to provide guidance on even the most complicated IT projects. We have a proven track-record of successful IT transformation in government, medical, banking, manufacturing, and other industries.

Building Superior Business Foundations

Unlike many IT companies, at Moser Consulting, we don't just fill seats. We understand that every organization has its own unique business culture, methods, and challenges. If you need a consultant full time at your business to help you implement the solutions we provide, we will conduct a careful vetting process, including interviews by your management staff, to find the best candidate who will not only meet your needs but who will also be a great fit for your organization.

Security Assessments

The security landscape if overwhelming. Are you sure your systems are protected?

Learn more about our two security offerings that help you get started and create actionable reports with real world paths to improvement.

Disaster Recovery for Businesses

If the power goes out in your building and badge readers don’t work, who has keys? 

Preparing for the unexpected is essential to IT success. With Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning, you will be able identify potential threats and develop a comprehensive strategy that can help your organization stay one step ahead of any crisis situation. Take action now so you're prepared for not only cyber attacks, but natural disasters and more. Our process will leave you with an actionable report full of practical solutions. 

Cyber Insurance Assessments

Are you sure your Cybersecurity claim will be paid out if you experience a loss? 

Don't let the ever-changing landscape of cyber insurance catch you off guard. The process can be complicated and if your servers aren’t up to date or protocols are not followed, insurers could easily deny claims - leaving businesses exposed both financially and digitally. Fortunately, with Moser's Cybersecurity Assessment service, navigating these potential financial pitfalls is made easy. We will help interpret your insurance requirements and assess your systems and processes for compliance.  

Explore our deep content on Security Assessments with our experts.  

Our Business Services Professionals Focus on four key functional areas:

Project Management/Scrum/Agile

Project Management is essential to ensuring that your project, large or small, is delivered effectively and efficiently. Our Project Managers have experience utilizing industry standard project management methodologies, processes and procedures that drive consistency and efficiency for their clients. We have experience delivering Big Data, Infrastructure, System/Application migrations and upgrades, and Business area projects.

Business Analysis/Technical Writing

Moser Consulting's Business Analysis services are designed to holistically assess an organization's operations and identify opportunities for improvement. Our team of experienced business analysts will work through the 4 key phases of Discovery, Analysis, Findings and Recommendations to define and support a cycle of continuous improvement that optimizes processes and maximizes value for the business. By partnering with Moser Consulting, clients can expect an objective analysis of their business processes and systems, as well as recommendations for facilitating change and achieving long-term success.

Quality Assurance/Testing

Quality assurance is an integral part of software development at every stage of the process. Moser Consulting’s software testing practices are context-driven – we focus on your key performance indicators to develop a quality engineering strategy to ensure they are met and that the resulting deliverable will meet your needs.

Audit & Compliance (Security)

One of the greatest assets of any organization – and the hardest to protect – is its data. Moser Consulting has proven industry experience in both the government and private sectors in designing systems to keep data safe and is ready to help you build a more secure computing environment for your business.

Learning Services

Moser Learning specializes in training programs that address the issues found at the intersection of human development and IT technology.

Moser Learning designs and delivers business learning experiences, specializing in Project Management, Leadership, and Teams. Because we believe that training is often just part of the solution to business problems, we incorporate TTI Success Insights assessment tools and a huge array of services and products to help your employees become more productive. We flex our services to your specific needs.

We’re always looking for top IT professionals. Experience the award winning culture at Moser!

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